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Bairnsdale golf course is rated as one of the best country layouts in Victoria. It has hosted many top amateur tournaments and Pro Ams over the years with players travelling from all over the state to compete on this great country course.

  • The front nine has many holes that require great shot making from the fairway and tee.
  • The back nine consists of undulating fairways and blind tee shots on some holes.
  • The 13th gives you a great view over the lakes that hug the land below.

1st Hole - Mens: 350 metres/par 4 - Ladies: 306 metres/par 4

A good starting hole, pretty straight forward par 4 that requires a straight drive which will be rewarded with a mid to short iron shot to a large green that slopes slowly to the front, a bunker is found on each side of the green. A good early test.

2nd Hole - Mens: 322 metres/par 4 - Ladies: 277 metres/par 4

The first of 4 dog leg holes on the front nine. This hole requires a drive that fades around the corner to the right or a laid up 3 wood to the corner. If you have the length you can take on the tall trees that stand on the corner and leave yourself with only a sand wedge to the green. A narrow green with bunker at front, good birdie chance.

3rd Hole - Mens: 491 metres/par 5 - Ladies: 425 metres/Par 5

First of the par 5's. This hole has out of bounds hugging the right side of the fairway but is protected by large gum and pine trees. A fairway bunker is located on the right side of the fairway about 250 metres from the tee, another fairway bunker is located at around 80 metres from the green which is adjacent to a dam The green is two tiered with a bunker on the right side.
A rewarding hole for good shots but can bite you if you’re careless.

4th Hole - Mens: 134 metres/par 3 - Ladies: 125 metres/par 3

First of the par 3's. A raised green with a large ridge in the middle. Bunkers protect both sides of the green. Miss long and you have a tricky chip; if you land well short you may bring water into play.
The tee is raised which gives the hole a great look, take par here and run.

5th Hole - Mens: 309 metres/par 4 - Ladies: 296 metres/par 4

A dog leg left par 4 which is rewarded for the tee shot that is placed middle to left of fairway. Playing from right side will expose you to a bunker which guards front of green. Those players who hit long can reach the green or its fringes which give you a great chance of making birdie. The green has a left to right slope so pin placements can make it tricky to read.

6th Hole - Mens: 414 metres/par 4 - Ladies: 404 metres/par 5

First of the 3 long pars 4's on the course. This hole needs a good drive down the middle at least level with fairway bunker that sits on the right side on the corner. From here you have around 180 mtrs to the green which has a subtle break from right to left.
A par here will set you up for the day.

7th Hole - Mens: 386 metres/par4 - Ladies: 334 metres/par4

Another dog leg left par 4. This hole requires great accuracy off the tee with very little room for error. Large mounds protect the right hand side of the fairway starting at the corner. If you’re lucky enough to find the fairway you have a large green which is protected by a small bunker short front left and another bunker on the right side of the green. The green rises from front to back and can very tricky to read when it plays quick. Par is very good here.

8th Hole - Mens: 157 metres/par3 - Ladies: 119 metres/par3

A very traditional par 3. Bunkers on right and left protect a green that slopes from back to front. Anyone who hits it long will have a testing shot back to the pin, especially if the pin is at the back. Wind can be a problem here in club selection so be sure before you choose your club. Birdie chance but par is great.

9th Hole - Mens: 348 metres/par 4 - Ladies: 298 metres/par 4

A great hole that requires a well positioned drive between two large gums trees that hug the fairway 100 metres out. If you leave your drive left or right of the fairway you have very little chance of getting on the green for two. The green is protected by 2 large bunkers that require finesse as the green is narrow front to back. Birdie is possible but big numbers can be pencilled in if not careful.

10th Hole - Mens: 319 metres/par 4 - Ladies: 277 metres/par 4

A blind tee shot to an open fairway. Large 2 tiered green with 2 large bunkers, a good drive will set you up for a birdie chance but miss the green to the back and you are staring a double or worse.

11th Hole - Mens: 144 metres/par 3 - Ladies: 106 metres/par 3

A solid par 3 with bunkers short front, right and long left. The green runs narrow from front to back with a small rise from the front, a tricky putt if you are long but good iron play will set you up.

12th Hole - Mens: 403 metres/par4 - Ladies: 369 metres/par4

One of the hardest holes on the course. A tight drive with a 3 wood that leaves you 180 metres plus out from green. If you drive too long you run into trees, and if you can’t get over the corner you are hindered by trees also.
Play safe to the corner and front of green and you will make par more times that most.

13th Hole - Mens: 503 metres/par 5 - Ladies: 431 metres/par 5

A tight drive to an open fairway, down hill from here to a small green. Play for the fairway on second shot and don't always go for the green as the wind can be sneaky on this hole. Out Of Bounds fence on right all the way from tee to green. A good birdie chance if played well.

14th Hole - Mens: 351 metres/par 4 - Ladies: 261 metres/par 4

An uphill drive with dog leg right par 4 that takes no prisoners. Keep it on the fairway and you will then be confronted by a small narrow green with a large bunker protecting the green. Out of bounds here on right but does need an errant shot to come into play.

15th Hole - Mens: 344 metres/par 4 - Ladies: 300 metres/par 4

A hole that slopes from right to left. A large fairway bunker on right for those sliced drives but use the slope to your advantage and you will have only a short iron into a green that has 2 bunkers. A good hole if you drive well and play for the of the middle of green.

16th Hole - Mens: 415 metres/par 4 - Ladies: 395 metres/par 5

The 16th is the start of a great finish here at Bairnsdale. It is a long par 4 with a very small green protected by 2 bunkers. The fairway is very wide which is played blind from the tee. Even with a good drive you are faced with a long 2nd shot to the green as the wind is usually into your face here, great 4 if you succeed.

17th Hole - Mens: 195 metres/par 3 - Ladies: 146 metres/par 3

The longest par 3 on the course with a medium sized raised green protected by 2 bunkers. The best play here is to take plenty of club and look at finishing in front of green as this is the best pathway to the hole. Long here and you face a tricky down hill chip that can get away on you. Be brave.

18th Hole - Mens: 448 metres/par 5 - Ladies: 357 metres/par 4

The last hole here at Bairnsdale offers you a chance to make birdie or for the long hitter eagle. A dog leg left which starts about the standard driving length. The green is long and narrow and protected by 3 bunkers of which 2 are on the right and the biggest on the course. Play to front of green and you will set yourself up nicely.