Sunday December 6th 2020

A brief summary of the changes to the COVID-19 regulations as they relate to club activities are listed below. These changes came into effect at 11:59pm Sunday December 6th.

• Face masks: "We would encourage people to wear a mask wherever they can and where there is any doubt whether they could come in closer contact than the 1.5 metres," Mr Andrews said. This means you should carry your mask with you and wear it as required, otherwise, we are face mask free!
• We can now have up to 120 people in the bar/lounge and another 20 in the Golf Shop. There are no longer maximum caps in place, it is determined by floor-space of 1 patron per 2sq meters.
• Seated service only, no longer applies. This means we can now serve alcohol for on course/bowls green consumption.
• Outdoor gatherings have increased to 100, this will allow for some regularity with event starting formats (such as shotgun starts).

DON’T FORGET TO SIGN IN (Contact Tracing):
Contact tracing is likely to be with us for months to come so please ensure you do so when you visit the club.
Everyone that attends the club for longer than 15 minutes must sign in:
• If you are only playing golf/bowls and NOT entering the clubhouse (for more than 15 minutes), then your booking on the time-sheet/entry sheet is sufficient.
• If you are coming in to enjoy refreshments, volunteering or similar, then you must sign in.
• It’s now mandatory that clubs use digital QR Codes, however patrons can still sign in using pen and paper. We no longer have sign in sheets on each table so if you can’t figure out how (or don’t want to) use the QR codes, please sign in at the Bar or Golf Shop counter.


18th September 2020

Progressive update on the operations of the club whilst under the Regional Step 3 Re-opening Road-map.

Bowls competition will resume from next week:

• Thursday 24th September at 12.30pm. 'Skins” format, ring Joy Ryan to enter.
• Monday 28th September at 12.30 “Triples” Ring Joe Bugeja to enter.

Outside of these times, roll-ups are allowed but they MUST be booked with the office, Joy Ryan or Angela Boyd.
Also, please read the below Seating and Refreshments and Face Coverings sections.

Practice: The driving range is open and balls can be hired at the golf shop (as per usual), range buckets and balls are sanitised between use. There is a maximum of 10 people allowed on the range at one time. The putting green is also open for use, with a maximum of 6 at any one time (based on the nearby 1st tee being occupied by 4 players)

Members Motorised Carts:
Motorised carts may be used by two people that reside in the same household. Golf Australia continues to seek clarification on, and lobby for 2 people from differing households being able to share a cart. We are hopeful of a positive outcome but for now, it’s one person per cart unless the forementioned applies.

Hire Equipment:
Club motorised carts, pull buggies and clubs can be hired out. All shared equipment is thoroughly cleaned before and after each use.

Seating and Refreshments:
Before and after your game you will be able to relax and enjoy refreshments. There are some important regulations that allow us to operate safely.
1. We are only allowed to serve people that are seated, please don't move between tables “drink in hand” chatting to other participants.
2. Although presentations are back, most of the other associated activities are on hold until further notice, this includes:
◦ No dollar bets or similar which would constitute and exchange between players.
◦ The 100 ($10) club raffle.
◦ Daily raffles (I.e. The Thursday meat raffle). These will return once the club support raffle ends, which depends on the number of donated prizes we have left.
3. We can seat a maximum of 50 people outside. We have set-up two areas to accommodate the maximum cap, the deck and the marquee (22 on the deck and 28 in the marquee). Despite our best efforts and requests, we cannot open the bowls shelter for seated refreshments without closing other areas so we ask all members to utilise the two designated areas only.
4. We can also have 20 people inside, but they must be split into 2 groups of 10. This doesn't allow much room for indoor refreshments and rainy/cold days will simply mean we can’t accommodate everyone.
5. If you sit, you sign in. Each table has a sign in sheet, hand sanitiser and pen.

Although some of these conditions seem unusual, we are very happy to be back with near normal operations and hope members and guests will support the staff/volunteers in adhering to them.

Face coverings:
In most cases (medical exemptions), must still be worn when playing golf or bowls. The DHHS directive provides for face coverings to be removed during strenuous exercise, therefore a player may remove a face covering when puffing or breathing heavily, however it must be replaced once a player has caught their breath.